The Best Kale Smoothie

Drinking your greens feels like a dessert

Sierra J. McKissick
2 min readMar 30, 2023


Drinking smoothies has never been my thing. If it has anything with coconut, I will pass––I do not enjoy fruity drinks.

While attempting to detox I finally caved and found the perfect combination of greens for me to survive drinking smoothies regularly. I love kale, but once you start adding apples and kiwi it becomes an over-decorated Christmas tree.

Once you have decided which greens you want (kale or spinach) go ahead and put them in the blender. If they were previously frozen that is even better. When I buy bushels of kale and spinach, I often end up freezing some of it to keep for future meals. Adding kale or spinach to your stir fry is easy when you can quickly open a freezer bag.

You will need a blender for this recipe.


Add 2 cups of frozen veggies or 3 cups of fresh veggies to the blender

Add 1/2 of a banana or the whole banana

Add 4 cups of almond milk (or coconut water if you’d prefer a thinner smoothie)

Add 1 tsp of vanilla extract (optional),

Add a handful of almonds

Add 1/4 tsp flax seed or chia seed

Then blend (on the smoothie cycle) until you like the consistency of the smoothie. I prefer my smoothie a little thicker — -more like a milkshake.

The juice and smoothy section of the fridge

Give the smoothie a big finish if it is dessert and add whipped cream.

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