2024 Journaling Prompts

Use these prompts to start your weekly or monthly journaling habit.

Sierra J. McKissick
3 min readJan 19, 2024


Are you intimidated by journaling?
Are you puzzled when choosing a topic to write about?
This is for you!​

I’ll add a new topic for you to use throughout the month for your daily journal entries. You’ll be a pro in no time. Tag me at smxcoaching on social media to share your entry with friends.

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MARCH 2024

Throw away what doesn’t work.
I’ve been thinking about various beliefs and habits that I feel are natural, but they drive me crazy. For example, I prefer eating on stoneware, but if I use it, I have to wash it instead of letting the dishes pile up in the sink, or else I hear my mother’s voice. You might think this is trivia, but I will grab a salad plate for a muffin rather than put it on a napkin…the dishes add up. The quick fix to this was to find plastic dishes I could use as a substitute for smaller meals. You would be surprised by how much of a difference this small change made in my schedule and minimized my procrastination. Sometimes, we keep habits we don’t like because they are attached to habits we do and beliefs we think we need. What habits do you need to reconsider? What beliefs have you inherited that deprive you of personal freedoms? Think carefully about them, and throw away what doesn’t work.

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Track changes.
So, the Chinese Lunar New Year is soon (Feb. 10th), and I find some exciting things. The last time we were in the Year of the Dragon, I was 22 and graduating from college. Wow. That is a reality check. Youth is wasted on the young. During that time in my life, although I had experienced many life challenges and held the title of survivor with pride, I was pretty green when understanding the hidden challenges of adulthood. Back then, I was trying to navigate grief, start graduate school, and find an apartment — things that were once just goals. Taking time to identify changes in your personality or behaviors after a big transition and what goals you’ve met can positively impact your future. The year of the dragon is thought to represent positive qualities such as power, strength, good luck, and wisdom. If you took a moment to reflect on what wisdom you have gained since 2012, what lessons have you learned since then? What do you remember most, and how has it shaped who you want to become? Spend this month reflecting on memories that remind you of your goals.

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Be honest.
That’s it. That is the journal reflection for the month. This month, your only task is to respect yourself by being honest. Write honest words. Live an honest life. So often, we get caught in emotional and mental traps that tell us we need to be someone or something for those who are supposed to love us in our current condition. The film industry spends billions of dollars producing stories that call us to love and be loved. We pay health gurus, doctors, and coaches thousands of dollars to correct what we believe is wrong. Many behaviors can be unhealthy for you, but who you are at your core is never corrupt, unlovable, and unworthy of respect. What honest words do you need to say?



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